The Learning from Inclusive Sources Summer workshop is lead by Drs. Jeff Greiner and Jamie Wagman and is sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region Program, coordinated by Illinois State University. It is a 5-day workshop hosted by Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN and is open to local K-12 teachers who wish to develop their social studies instruction as well as pre-service teachers wishing to do the same.

The workshop will run from July 25-29 and is absolutely free to participants. In fact, participants will receive a $150 stipend for participating to help pay for the cost of food and travel. The agenda each day will start at 9 AM and involve a morning of learning about using inclusive sources and hearing from experts on the topics. The afternoons will mostly be focused on using what we’ve learned to develop curriculum. By the time the week is done participants will have developed curriculum they can use in their classrooms immediately, and the things that they create will be shared on this website so they will also be able to get access to all the examples provided and the curriculum developed by other participants.

The workshop will involve learning about the importance of using inclusive sources in K-12 instruction, how to find and evaluate those sources, and integrating the sources into an inquiry-based instructional format (based on the C3 Framework, as presented by the National Council for the Social Studies). The workshop will include time to learn, time to work, presentations from experts, and possibly trips to visit local services.

Jeff Greiner, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education at Saint Mary’s College and has a focused his academic work on studying and teaching about using social studies instruction (and inquiry-based instruction specifically) to achieve greater social justice. He often works from a Critical Pedagogy framework to guide these efforts.

Jamie Wagman, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Chair of History and Gender and Women’s Studies at Saint Mary’s College and has focused her academic work on lifting up the voices of women in history. She often works from a Feminist and Critical Race Theory framework to guide this work.